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The Good Food Loop supplies all kinds of wholesale customers in Cornwall and Devon, including food hubs, box schemes, shops, cafés, restaurants and food producers. Join the Loop and reap the benefits…

GFL Wholesale Customers - Cafés, Veg Box Schemes, Shops. Restaurants, Chefs.

Great expectations

We set the bar high and make our methods a point of difference.


Each week you can order fresh, high quality local produce from multiple producers in our online shop, and receive your order in one delivery. Choose from vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, breads, preserves, ferments, animal feed and more. Have a look at the producers we already work together with.


We work together with local growers, farmers and makers who follow agroecological principles, prioritising nature and local communities. What’s agroecological? Find out here.

Producers of Agro Ecological Food - Bakers-Growers- Famrers
Producers, farmers, growers and makers

Transparent Ordering

Information about each producer can be found on our website, so you can develop direct relationships with the producers you buy from, and tell your customers where their food comes from.

You can also view a pricing breakdown for each product, to see how much it costs and what the delivery charge will be. 

Fair prices

Producers set their own prices, reflecting the true value of produce, and the resources and care that have gone into producing it. The Good Food Loop charges customers a 10% fee for delivery to cover our distribution costs.

Zero waste

We don’t hold any stock and orders are harvested or made to order, ensuring high quality, fresh produce for you, and no waste.

Reliable Deliveries

We deliver year round*, bringing you local, seasonal and sustainable produce 51 weeks of the year.

*Closed between Christmas and New Year.




Interested in a weekly delivery of local, agroecological produce? Register for a wholesale account.

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Place your order online between 2pm on Friday and 5.30am on Wednesday.

Receive your delivery

We’ll deliver your order to you on Thursday.

MAKE payment

Producers will invoice you for the goods you buy from them.

The Good Food Loop will invoice you for the distribution costs.

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