Seasonal Produce

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Thankfully the hungry gap is now a distant memory as more and more fruit and veg are in full swing. The recent rain has also meant that the leaves are looking very lush. Seasonal produce includes, besides the unusual Chicory Catalogna (a popular leaf in Italy), you will find agretti, rainbow chard, Swiss chard, cavalo nero, red russian kale, and a variety of salad leaves, French beans, peas, sugarsnaps, potatoes, and onions.

If you’re looking for some culinary inspiration you can try enlivening your meal with some Chicory Catalogna. These traditional Italian greens are slightly sweet with a hint of bitterness – bitterness can be challenging to the palette, but it’s worth persevering with for the many health benefits. Here I followed Red Hill Market Garden’s advice of blanching them before saut√©ing in the steak pan juices. With Shillingford Charlotte new potatoes, some lovely salad and Challon’s Combe cream sauce – matches made in heaven!
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