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We work together with producers in the South West growing, manufacturing or producing food in an agroecological way, to sell their goods via our non-profit wholesale distribution network.

Producers of Agro Ecological Food - Bakers-Growers- Famrers
Producers, farmers, growers and makers

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We want to help agroecological producers grow their businesses and markets, increase their production, and make sustainable, fresh produce available to more people.


If you’re in the South West and produce high quality, agroecological produce such as vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, breads, preserves, ferments, flours, animal feed or something else, get in touch. We have a lot of producers on board already, but we still have many mouths to feed and plenty of room to grow. 

What’s agroecological? Find out here.

Fair prices

We understand that creating high quality, low impact produce takes time, resources and care. You should be rewarded for that. So you set your own prices reflecting the true value of produce.

The Good Food Loop charges customers a 10% fee to cover the costs of running the network.


With the Good Food Loop, producers can sell to multiple, varied customers through one online platform, and the Loop distributes to them each week. This reduces the time and money producers have to spend actively selling and delivering produce, allowing more time for production, which is better for us all.

open-source software

We use the Open Food Network, an innovative, open-source platform that allows producers to set up a profile and product catalogue. Produce can then be sold through multiple outlets, such as the Good Food Loop’s wholesale shop front and local online hubs such as Tamar Valley Food Hubs and In My Back Yard.

It’s free for producers to use through the Loop, and if you’re not already registered with Open Food Network, we’ll help you set up and get going.

Peak freshness, Zero waste

We collect and deliver produce on the same day, meaning it reaches customers at peak freshness. Customers finalise their orders the day before delivery, so produce can be harvested or prepared to order without the risk of wastage. Zero. None.

Reliable and resilient

We deliver year round*, getting your seasonal and sustainable produce to customers 51 weeks of the year.

By working directly with producers and customers, we’re shortening supply chains and keeping costs low. Together we are growing a network that’s strong and adaptable, plus we’re also able to return crates and reusable packaging each week.

*You’ll be glad to know, we’re closed between Christmas and New Year.




The Good Food Loop delivers produce each week to local businesses and online food hubs. Get in touch if you would like to sell with us.


Update your stock levels by 2pm on Fridays. Local businesses and food hubs order your produce online and we’ll let you know what you’ve sold by email on Wednesdays.


We’ll collect your produce from you, or an agreed collection point, on Thursdays and deliver your orders to your customers.


You invoice the customer direct for produce sold, and the Good Food Loop will invoice them for the distribution fee.


Find out more about how the Good Food Loop works, our delivery routes and areas covered.

If you’re an agroecological producer within these areas, or if you’re just outside but keen to join, we’d love to hear from you. Complete our joining form here or get in touch.

Existing producers

Meet the local producers who are already part of our wholesale network.

Apricot Centre

Organic and biodynamic veg and fruit, locally milled flour, preserves, apple juice and fresh cut flowers.

Beer Fisheries

Fresh fish from Lyme Bay Reserve and Brixham.

Bulstone Springs Farm

Organic high welfare chicken from free range hens reared slowly outdoors in small flocks.

Challon’s Combe Organics

Organic dairy, pork, beef and lamb from their South Devon farm.

Coombe Lyner Organics

Coombe Lynher Organics

Certified organic veg grown in Cornwall.

Crock and Cole

Small batch ferments made using local, seasonal produce.

CUddyford Meadow

Agroecologically grown salad, vegetables and flowers from Ashburton.

Forest Fungi

Fresh and dried gourmet, organic mushrooms grown in ‘Shroom Rooms’ on their farm in Dawlish.

Fresh Flour Company

Flours, pastas, noodles, crackers and biscuits made using English heritage and ancient wheats.

Hanson Fine Foods

Organic and agroecologically produced cheeses from the South West supplied by Thomas Hanson.

Hilltown Organics Tamar Valley

Hilltown Organics

Organic eggs and veg, produced using no-dig raised beds of polycultures between avenues of trees, on the edge of Dartmoor.


Produce from The Common Ground Project, produced following regenerative agriculture principles.

Montreal Style Bagels

Artisanal bagels made using certified organic ingredients, hand rolled and boiled in honey sweetened water before being baked in a wood fired oven.

Partridge Hill Farm

Traditional breed Christmas turkeys slow reared to maturity while free ranging in an East Devon valley.

Plant Generation - Organic Bio Activated Nut Butters

Plant Generation

Organically certified and bio-activated seed and nut butters.

Red Earth Ferments

Artisan vegetable ferments with a focus on local and organically farmed ingredients.

Red Hill Market Garden

Red Hill Market Garden

Fresh, naturally grown vegetables produced year round.


Fresh organic plant milks in returnable glass bottles.

Shillingford Organics

Organic fruit and veg grown near Exeter by firm believers in local communities being able to access organic produce.

Sidwell Street Bakehouse

Sourdough loaves and other slow fermentation breads and treats made using stoneground organic flours.

Sole of Discretion

Frozen fish that’s sustainably fished by small-scale, low impact fishers.

Spindle Wood Farm

Pasture raised chicken from this regenerative South Devon farm.

Stony Field Herbs

Hand-picked and naturally dried herbal teas from East Devon.

Tamar Valley Apple Coop

Tamar Valley Apple Co-operative

Apple juice made with fruit sourced from small, traditional orchards.

Trill Farm

Certified organic salad, vegetables and herbs grown near Axminster by Ashley, Kate and team.

Westy and Worzel

Organic grass fed beef and lamb farmed on National Trust Land in East Devon.

Wheal Farm - Tamar Valley

Wheal Farm

Vegetables and fruit from the sunny Tamar Valley in Cornwall.

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